Have you noticed that your luck may have changed recently, for better or for worse, in your personal or business life?

Why? Because we are now approaching the end of the Wooden Horse 2014, and welcoming the Earth Sheep, which is going to be on February 19, 2015. Now, it is time to tune up to maximize our good fortune, and minimize our bad luck.


Gwen Coronado shared "Using Feng Shui for a Harmonious Environment in the Work Place"  at IVAR (Inland Valleys Association of Realtors).

Gwen Coronado shared
"Using Feng Shui for a Harmonious Environment in the Work Place"
at IVAR (Inland Valleys Association of Realtors).
Photo of Rosalind, AREAA (Asian Real Estate of America) Riverside President,
Anne, Citibank Executive, and the CEO of IVAR.

The Sheep is gracious, loves peace, serenity and is attracted to beautiful surroundings. The 2015 Sheep year, also represents love. Love for family, loved ones, and your home surroundings.

This is the year we focus on our loved ones, forgive and forget, reuniting, all for one and one for all.

The Sheep loves fashion. This is a year that we should develop creativity and become fashion icons!

(Another reason why I love feng shui is because I can tell my husband that I follow feng shui, and I dress well to attract wealth (wink).

2015 is the time to re-decorate, dress to impress, and take a long look at your overcrowded wardrobe.

Elegance and cleanliness is the Wood Sheepís last name.

Get ready to welcome the 2015 New Year with many opportunities by uncluttering your home.

Share your wealth by letting go of any unused furniture, no matter how expensive, and let someone else enjoy them. Also, when you give them to the Goodwill, it is tax deductible, meaning instant wealth, and you increase your living space.

For all business entrepreneurs, the 2015 Earth Sheep falls on a Wood Year; in Feng Shui terms - Wood destroys Earth.

Therefore, do not use too much Fire element, but activate more Water element.

Good Travel Direction for 2015
  • Water - North
  • Wood - East/Southeast
☆ Sickness Star this year is in the South East.
☆ Misfortune/Sickness Star this year is in the West.
☆ Disputes/Quarrel Star this year is in the Center.
☆ Education/Romance Star this year is in the Northwest.

Avoid sitting facing the Southwest, 210 Degree, and do not undertake any renovations in this direction.

There is Conflict in the West.

For business people, especially Real Estate professionals, avoid the West direction when possible!

2015 flying star feng shui warns us that this year will be dominated by hostility, anger, having negative energy effects worldwide with violence.

This is a year that we must learn to apply the four Pís Principles:
  • Peace
  • Partnership
  • Prosperity
  • Protection
Email us Gwen@GwenCoronado.com if you would like to schedule a speaking engagement, a feng shui consultation, or LIFE COACHING. Blessings!


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