Flying Star Feng Shui is traditional Feng Shui using a LoPan (Chinese Compass), the 5 elements, the 8 trigrams, Lo Shu numbers, and the 24 Mountains analyzing positive and negative energy in an environment at a particular time.


Gwen Coronado shared How to use Feng Shui to maintain Relationships with her fellow Realtors and Mortgage Brokers at San Diego Board of Realtors.
Gwen Coronado shared "How to use Feng Shui to maintain Relationships"
with her fellow Realtors and Mortgage Brokers at San Diego Board of Realtors.

Flying Star Feng Shui is not intuitive Feng Shui or superstition. It is one of the most effective Feng Shui applications having the most accurate results.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, each number (stars) represents good or bad luck, and can be found in each compass location of a house or office.

The auspicious (good luck) stars bring good wealth, health, relationships and the inauspicious (bad luck) stars should be avoided.

In the year 2013, the annual Flying Stars will change their positions on February 4, 2013. Good and bad luck stars will fly into compass sectors reflecting changes in energy to each of the locations of a house or office.

Flying Feng Shui is similar to a weather forecast, giving you information to avoid the storms and hurricanes ahead. Knowing the sitting positions of these stars is prevention allowing you to apply cures & remedies to “bad luck” areas, and activate the “good luck” areas by placing the correct enhancers and activators.

2013 is a Fire Snake year in a Water Year. There will be lots of bickering, disharmony.

These locations should be avoid as much as possible:
  • Sickness Star this year is at South-West
  • Misfortune/Sickness Star this year is at Center
  • Disputes/Quarrel Star this year is at East
  • Education/Romance Star this year is at South-East
  • Avoid sitting facing South East, 150 Degrees and please try not to do any renovations.
  • Location of Conflict is East.
    - Avoid having renovations done opposite the location in conflict.
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Affliction Stars
  • #2 Sickness Star (Earth Element) – The illness bringing star, has negative influences on health issues, bringing physical ailments and diseases.
  • #3 Dispute Star (Wood Element) – A bad star which signifies lawsuits, hostility and quarrels. Brings misunderstandings amongst families, friends and colleagues, trouble with the authorities.
  • # 5 Misfortune Star (Earth Element) – Also known as Wu Wang or Five Yellow star. It is considered the most malevolent and dangerous of the nine stars. Brings all kind of misfortunes, accidents, losses and death.
  • #7 Violent Star (Metal Element) – This unlucky star brings loss, robbery and violence to the afflicted sector.
Auspicious Stars
  • #1 Lucky Star (Water Element) – Helps attain victory over competition. Enhances career promotion and monetary growth.
  • #4 Romance Star (Wood Element) – Good star which improves romantic opportunities and also study & literary fortune for writers and scholars.
  • #6 Power Star (Metal Element) – Associated with good fortune and help from Heaven. Brings speculative luck as well as power and authority.
  • #8 Wealth (Earth Element) – Signifies wealth, prosperity, success and happiness. Regarded as the most auspicious star of all the 9 numbers.


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