2018, the year of the Yang Earth Dog is controlled by the Yang Earth Element.

If you think 2017 was a tough year. It is nothing compared to 2018 with political unrest in the Middle East and Asia.


Gwen Coronado's topic: Feng Shui Forecast 2018, the Yang Earth Dog"
Gwen Coronado's topic: "Feng Shui Forecast 2018, the Yang Earth Dog"

This coming Year of the Earth Dog will also be a year of social change of how we live our life; our health, and our social status.

This is a year if you stem from wood or water elements, you must take extra precaution.

And, those of you who were born on the Yang Earth Dog year, sit back and enjoy 2018. Your karma is paid up and it will be a good time to harvest all the good you have planted.

The Dog is a symbol of intelligence and protection, and it so happens that our President Donald Trump was born in the year of the Dog. As the leader of this free nation, we American people will also be benefit under his good karma fortune.

2018 is a year that will bring conflict and war because of a Yang Metal destructive energy.

However, the Dog is man’s best friend, and beginning February 16, 2018, we may receive protection and support from friends perhaps even foes.

Beware that it will be a turbulent year as the world will be in chaos. To change our karma, I am advising you to have more charity in your hearts, forgive quickly, and love abundantly to bring peace and have peace. Avoid arguments in any form including debates.

This coming year, you may see the collapse of major institutions and large adjustments in the economy like stock markets, housing, so take care of your investments. Don’t let history repeat itself becoming like another September 29, in 2008 when stock markets crashed.

This year, traveling to the East, southeast and northeast is good.

Wear fire colors like red, orange, hot pink, purple.

To those who were born in the year of the Rabbit, you have enjoyed a peaceful 2017 and good fortune; in 2018, you should be more cautious. Same as those who were born in the year of the Dragon.

To those of you have a LoPan (Chinese compass), pay attention and avoid these locations:
  • #2 black sickness Star this year is in the west
  • #5 Misfortune and sickness Star this year is in the north
  • #3 Disputes/Quarrel Star in 2018 is in the northeast
  • Grand Duke in 2018 is in the northwest, 292.5 – 307.5 Degrees.
  • Three Killings in 2018 is in the north. – 322.5 – 37.5
  • Sui Po in 2018 is in the southeast 112.5 – 127.5
Positive areas in 2018:
  • Southeast
  • Northwest
  • South
  • Southwest
  • Centre
Negative areas in 2018:
  • North (bad luck and sickness star)
  • West (Sickness star)
  • Northeast (Disputes and legal issues)
  • East
  • Centre
Annual afflictions for 2018:

Grand Duke Tai Sui Northwest, 292.5 – 3017.5 degrees. – Avoid sitting facing the grand duke or disturbing him by having renovations.
Sui Po Southeast 112.5 – 127.5 degrees
3 Killings north 322.5 – 37.5 degrees

Metal Rabbit: 1951
Water Rabbit: 1963
Wood Rabbit: 1919, 1975
Fire Rabbit: 1927, 1987
Earth Rabbit: 1939, 1999

2018, the year of the Yang Earth Dog will enhance success if we can maintain positive attitudes and refrain from speaking ill of anyone. The Law of Attraction applies.

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